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Mega Stones

Item Location
GYARADOSITE.png Gyaradosite Foren
Swampertite Route 2
Houndoominite Ponyta Mound

Evolution Stones

Item Location
Dusk Stone Ashford Caves
Fire Stone Ashford Caves
Moon Stone Ashford Caves
SUNSTONE.png Sunstone Forest Gardens


Item Location
Machine FIGHTING.png TM00 (Rock Smash) Route 3
Machine FLYING.png HM02 (Fly) Ashford Caves

Key Items

Item Location
DOWSINGMACHINE.png Dowsing Machine Route 4
Encounter Checker Professors Lab
Old Rod Foren
Card Album Professors Lab
Pokédex Professors Lab
Town Map Professors Lab
Vivillon Report Vivillon House


Item Location
Dusk Ball Ashford Caves
Great Ball Colerk, Ashford Caves
NESTBALL.png Nest Ball Route 4
POKEBALL.png Pokeball Vien,Professors Lab, Crescent Cave, Professors Lab, Route 2
QUICKBALL.png Quick Ball Route 4
Ultraball Foren, Route 2, Ashford Caves


Item Location
Black Apricorn Vien
Blue Apricorn Colerk
Green Apricorn Colerk
Red Apricorn Vien
White Apricorn Colerk


Item Location
CHERIBERRY.png Cheri Berry Vien
CHESTOBERRY.png Chesto Berry Vien
ORANBERRY.png Oran Berry Vien
RAZZBERRY.png Razz Berry Vien
Shia Berry Has a chance to be obtained from all Berry Plants


Item Location
Awakening Ashford Caves
Antidote Ashford Caves
Black Glasses Ashford Caves
ETHER.png Ether Professors Lab
Full Heal Ashford Caves
Hard Stone Ashford Caves
HELIXFOSSIL.png Helix Fossil Crescent Cave
HONEY.png Honey Goldenleaf, Route 4
Max Elixir Route 2
Max Ether Route 2
Max Potion Route 2
Max Repel Route 2
Max Revive Route 2, Ashford Caves, Route 4
NUGGET.png Nugget Route 4
Paralyze Heal Ashford Caves
POTION.png Potion Players House, Route 2, Route 3
QUICKCLAW.png Quick Claw Route 4
Rare Candy Ashford Caves
Repel Route 3
Super Potion Route 1, Crescent Cave, Route 3, Ashford Caves, Route 4